Civil Service, as we all know is one of the most demanding and the most powerful jobs available so far in the public sector category. A Civil servant is a public sector employee and works for a government agency or department. States employees and even municipal employees are called as the Civil servants. Only crown employees are referred to as the Civil servants in the United Kingdom. A states Civil servants collectively form the Public Service or the Civil Service.

Civil servants are employed in the branch of governmental service based on the professional merit tested by competitive examinations. People who are passionate enough to join the Civil Service or who are eager to know more about this field can get information from various links collected from different sources.

Useful resources for Civil Service:

Human resource profession

People who need to know about HR in Civil Service, about the role played by HR to help the departments deliver their duties and similar can get information from the link given below. Civil Service HR community, welcome visitors and the wider Civil Service can also get information and guidance from,

How to be a Civil Servant

Get to know about effectiveness and skills of UK Civil Service from,

Working in Civil Service

To gather more information about the working environment in Civil Service section, visit the following link.

Principles for online participation

As a Civil servant, the Civil Service code requires online participation whenever there is online discussion of government business or when one speaks in public forums like conferences. To know more about it, visit

Organisation of pay

You can get more information about the pay and reward package of the Civil servants from,

Civil Service bonus payments

Visit the following link to get an insight about the bonus payments for the Civil Service servants.

Civil Service awards

Awards and recognitions arouse the inspiration in oneself. Almost all government bodies have the method of giving away awards or similar to the most outstanding government servant. To know about members in the short list, the winners, the categories or about the winners of the year 2009, visit

Improving the Civil Service

Career in every field requires continuous development and so is in the case of Civil Service too. Civil Service needs to be adapted to new challenges in order to fulfil the obligations of the government. Get more tips about improving the Civil Service from,

Facts and figures

Information about key statistics of Civil Services can be collected from,

Information on Public Bodies

Information about departmental and non-departmental public bodies can be got from,

Nationality rules

One would like to know about the rules that are to be looked in to before trying to join the Civil Service. Aspirant civil servants can get fruitful information regarding nationality rules from,

Non departmental Public Bodies

Information about non departmental public bodies (NDPBs), the annual reports of this sector and information about individual NDPBs can be got from,

Civil Service compensation scheme (CSCS)

The link given below gives information about the latest updates that happen in the campaign. This is regarding the proposals for reform of the Civil Service compensation scheme and about the redundancy payment system for public organisations, civil service and other non-departmental public bodies.

Civil Service Management Code

Civil servants work under few management codes just like other organisations. Details about this are given here in this link.


The link given below provides information about improved job functionality for job seekers, recruiters and Civil servants.

Civil Service pensions

As in the case of other government departments, Civil Service also has pensions. To know more about it, click

Public sector and Government jobs

Readers can get valuable information about jobs in public sector from the link given below. It is split in to three areas such as regional and devolved government, central government and civil service and local government.

Professions in Civil Service

Information about professions that are available in Civil Service is valuable for those who are looking into making a career in Civil Service. To gather more knowledge about this, visit

Civil Service job

Looking for any vacancies in Civil Service? If yes, the following link will give information about it and also about the vacancies in certain non-departmental public bodies and executive agencies too. You can also get email job alerts when you set up a job seeker profile. The link given below gives more information about it.


Gather more information about the vacancies in Civil Service from

Job Opportunities in House of Commons

The following link is more informative as it gives details about current vacancies in House of Commons. Visit know more.

Tips to pass graduate aptitude tests

Preparing one selves to join the Civil Service requires the individual to qualify in some of the tests conducted by the concerned body. The tips given in the following link will help you to a great extent.

Civil Service Live 2010 resources

Want to know more about cost effective delivery and financial management and reporting, challenges for government, informed government and more? Then, the link given below would help one to know more about it.

More on Civil Service resources

Interested to know about careers in Civil Service? Just click on the link given below to know more about the careers, application process, prospects profile, method to pass in Civil Service qualifying tests and more.

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